Pre-Registration Period for EvilBane: Rise of Ravens! 14.3.2016

The pre-registration period for the new blockbuster RPG EvilBane: Rise of Ravens was announced today. Boasting unsurpassed graphics on par with PC games, EvilBane features cinematic quality action and graphics never before seen in mobile games. Creating a gripping storyline in combination with graphics and action, EvilBane immerses players into its own world as they become the main character in action. 

A Grand Tale of Epic Proportions

EvilBane’s storyline begins with a mysterious legacy, passed down from generation to generation and it speaks of humans discovering a way to enchant gear with power via the Heavenstones.

According to the tale, the Heavenstones’ power grew as people used these crystals until they were able to imbue power to their bodies. The sages of yore threw a blanket of secrecy over the use of the Heavenstones and took great pains to hide their existence from the world.

The story continues twenty years after the conclusion of the Guardians War, when the mighty hero, Sir Dominion, finally returns to Matera with his most trusted disciple. Thus, with the help of EvilBane players around the world, the story begins again.

With a special promotion prepared by Netmarble, players who pre-register through EvilBane's official website will get a free “Rare Weapon” for use in the game once it is released. Google Play uses can also now pre-register for the game in Google Play and receive up-to-date news.

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